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Our Heritage
Time flies. Back in 1986, our founder, Mr Loy N. M. (commonly known as Loy or “Lai Shang” in Cantonese) identified the huge demand for live mud crabs and started off rearing mud crabs in our own kelong. With the assistance and support of his wife, together, they delivered the crabs to restaurants in a small van. Slowly he expanded the product range to include fishes, prawn and other tropical live seafood.

In 1992, one of our customers ate an elephant trunk look-alike clam in Hong Kong and found the sashimi taste fabulous. He asked if Loy could bring that item into Singapore as he really craved for it. Mr Loy sourced and found the supply of that clam named Geoduck or Gwee Duck originated from Japan. Those from Japan are very small ranging from 200-400g as compared to their big brothers in Canada which are 1kg and above. Since then, the company started importing and marketing Canada Geoduck to the local consumers. We recalled those days when many are sceptical of the appearance of Geoduck to the days when it was in great demand. Subsequently, Loy brought in other exotic cold water LIVE seafood such as Giant King Crabs, White Coloured Snow Crab, Australia Lobster, Canada Lobster, Bamboo Clam and the list just went on.

Loy focused a lot on the quality. Our clientele grew very fast and we established our name in the market. This boosted his confidence and gave him the great drive to source out the most exotic and savoury seafood to satisfy different appetites. Right from the start of the business, we operate daily year round, supplying a large quantity and a variety of quality seafood to hotels, restaurants, clubs, fast food outlets & barbecue functions.

Keeping live seafood alive and minimising the mortality losses has never been easy. We failed. We tried again. We succeeded. Equipped with strong technical capabilities and experiences, Loy designed and built our in-house live seafood storage tank facilities to keep the seafood not just alive but healthy till they are sold. Without perseverance and most importantly our clients’ loyal support, we would not have the strength to withstand all challenges and difficulties to fulfil your needs.

Did you ever ask yourself if you want to buy from a reliable supplier that is always here to give you consistent supply or someone who comes and goes? Do you wish to worry about having supply each other day? “Many outsiders perceived our trade as a lucrative business. They do not know our hardship and lean profit margins until they faced obstacles. We saw too many of them. First they entered the industry aggressively. As we are dealing with perishables, when they do not know how to manage, they tend to have too much stock and suffered high mortality. When they bought inferior goods, they do not know what to do. They will start slashing prices to clear stock, created a mess in the market and disappeared thereafter. The inferior seafood products died faster than you would expect it to. You cannot find the seller anymore or they are not willing to accept any return for perishable goods sold are not returnable or refundable. For over 20 years, we stood firm on our principles, down-to-earth, providing good quality and service to you just like we have ever done. We always try our best to hedge our costs and maintain the price levels, thus making things easy for our wholesale customers to set their menus and run promotions.  We gave our clients time to react to market movements whereas others tend to up and down the price too rapidly before you could take a deep breath. Most of our prices stay the same for years when you realised that even an ice cream paddler charged 10cents for an ice cream waffle years back and now they charged a dollar.” Loy exclaimed.

2nd Generation and Present Management
Ms Loy Jen Ny, eldest daughter of Mr Loy, joined the company full time in 2004. Despite being a lady, humbly, she started as a driver and delivered goods to the restaurants by her own for 6 months and get to know her clients better. She built up good relationships with all her clients within a short period of time. But she is no stranger to this business, she started helping her dad since she was only 12years old and spent her time after school and weekends all at the shop years back. With strong business acumen since young, she identified the necessary improvements and made many drastic changes to the company from 2004 to 2008. She has always believed in giving the client 3 things. Good Quality, Good Pricing and Good Service. Under her leadership, our clientele and sales expanded rapidly and increasingly within 2 years.

 “Initially, I just want my parents to rest assured that our family business is being well taken care of and someone is here to continue it. Business is about continuity. Business is not about us only. It is also about support to our clients. Without our clients, we will not stand strong till today. It was this business that brings the few of us (siblings) up,” Jen Ny shared her the initial push factors of her joining the company. “Slowly, unknowingly, I have developed deep passion towards live seafood. I felt great when they are kept strong alive and swimming in front of me and I felt even better when I saw them being delivered them to my customers. That joy is beyond description. They are heartfelt.”

Our Positioning and Our Strength
We are the importer, the wholesaler and the retailer. We are capable of supplying to our customers at distinctive wholesale pricing as we import our products directly from the origins and pass the savings to our customers.

We do not only stop at good pricing. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors with our state-of-the-art storage facilities that keep our products strong and alive before you purchase them. Depending on the type and possible shell life of the products, we can easily beat our competitors and stock up our products strong alive and safe for consumption easily from 7days to more than 1 month giving you continuous supply throughout products’ off peak period when our others have difficulty even keeping the products alive for more than 3 days. However, in general, our stock turnover is usually within 1-4days, serving you freshest of the freshest.

Our Commitment
Quality Assurance: We re-grade and repack all our goods to conform to our guidelines and standard, giving you quality assurance.

Customised Service: At our store, you are always served by familiar faces that know your preferences and service you with a smile. Over the phone, our sales personnel are here to take your order and response to your enquiries from morning to night time, giving you personalised attention. We strive to understand your needs and meet your requirements. Let us know if you have any special requests or any products you wish to sell that are not on our main product list.

Delivery Service: For wholesale customers or orders, we deliver right to your kitchen. We deliver from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays. For our premium or privilege client group, we have staff on standby to provide special delivery beyond our normal delivery hours to cater to your special occasions or needs.

Cleaning Service: For our retail purchases, we provide free cutting and cleaning service for your live seafood purchases for your convenience. So if you like natural taste, just bring back the cleansed seafood and steam them immediately. It is that easy! If you need help in cooking, you can check out our recipes online or find out from our store assistants for tips on a simple delicious seafood meal.

With combined seafood sourcing and handling experiences exceeding 70 years from the management, you can certainly relax yourselves and enjoy your purchases from us.

Our Service
You are always served by familiar faces who know your preferences and service you with a smile.

Retail Customers

For your convenience, we provide free cutting and cleaning service for your live seafood purchases. So if you like natural taste, you can simply go home and steam it immediately. It is that easy! If you need help in cooking, we are always there to guide you on a simple delicious seafood meal.

Wholesale Customers

We deliver to your kitchen. We strive to understand your needs and meet your product requirements. As we re-grade and repack all our goods, we can customize the delivery and products to your requirements. We also provide special service and extended support where necessary. Talk to us if you have any special requests or any products you wish to sell that are not on our main product list.

With combined seafood handling experiences exceeding 70 years from the management, you can certainly relax yourselves and enjoy your purchases from us.

Please feel free to visit or call us for more information about us or our products.

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